Fortune Hongkong Seafood Restaurant

305 Mc Arthur Hwy Balibago
(45) 3227746; (45) 323-5127; (45) 8924709; (45) 8921238;

Cuisines: Chinese

Found along McArthur Highway within Diamond Subdivision in the town of Balibago, Fortune Hongkong Seafood Restaurant is one of the most wonderful and attractive dining facilities in Angeles City. For as low as 500 pesos, customers can already enjoy different kinds of Chinese dishes including in-house specialties like Lumpiang Fortune, Combination Chow Mein, and Fried Chicken Garnished with Shrimp Chips. In the meantime, they can also indulge in another unique and tasty dish called Beef Shank with Tripe. In terms of desserts, customers and guests can always find all sorts of delightful treats, including the very famous buchi. With its scrumptious meals, accommodating staff, and cozy ambiance, this restaurant is definitely one of the most inviting dining facilities in the area.

The place is filled with different kinds of restaurants serving different cuisines. One of these restaurants is the Fortune Hongkong Seafood Restaurant found in 305 McArthur Hi-way, Diamond Subdivision in Balibago, Angeles. Finding this restaurant is a good and lucky fortune indeed. They serve large potions. The seafood is placed on huge tanks on the restaurant’s wall and after you order the waiters can bring the fish for you to check before it gets cooked.

The main type of cuisine they serve is Chinese. The price of each dish is usually less than ten dollars. Guests can eat there wearing casual clothes and no reservation is required. There are many waiters that can serve you and attend to your needs. Each dish costs less than ten dollars however if you are a group or a family there are family set of meals you can choose from. These set meals for a group of four or five costs sixty dollars. For starters the best seller is the minced beef soup which has a cornstarch base with egg. For the main course there are many choices from lumpia Chinese rolls which is the version of the Filipino’s Lumpian Shanghai. They have additional garnishing with Jicama. Other best sellers include beef, shrimps, chicken, squid and vegetables over hot noodles that are very soft. For the staple rice they have a version of the fried rice with shrimp. It is a light version of fried rice with shrimps and onions. Other meat main dish best sellers are fried chicken, Lapu-lapu fish with sauce from black beans. Another main dish favorite of the patrons is the beef shank served hot with its tripe which is really a heavy meal. For dessert you can order some buchi-buchi which is sticky rice wrapped into a ball with sweet red beans filling inside.


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