Bale Dutung

Villa Gloria, Angeles City, Pampanga
(+63)917 535-5163

Pampanga's Culinary Destination
Bale Dutung is not a regular restaurant but the home of the Tayags that they very occasionally open to the public for pre-arranged lunches, prepared by artist-writer-chef, Claude Tayag. It is a passion of the Tayags that Fillipino food in general and Kapampangan food in particular, make it to the international-level market. It is their goal and fervent wish that tourists will come to the Philippines to taste authentic Philippine cuisine, and for the young generation to know and appreciate Filipino food, cooked in both the traditional and innovative way. By opening their home once in a while to groups looking for a satisfying gustatory experience and by conducting private tours of their distinctive wooden house, the Tayags aim to help promote Filipino food and contribute to strengthening Philippine tourism.

For authentic Pampanga cuisines in a chic eatery offering superb dining ambience, try Bale Dutung in Villa Gloria. This classy Angeles restaurant in Pampanga requires at least 12 persons in a group and reservation. At Php 1800 per head guests can enjoy a feast of native Pampanga dishes like pork tosino and beef tapa (native sweetened and smoked pork and beef slices), and various chicken, beef, and vegetable dishes sautéed in or sauced with coconut milk. There are also bottled “buro” (preserved delicacies) and “Taba ng Talangka” (creamy and spicy native crab fats). Bale Dutung Experience is available by reservation only.


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